Wednesday evenings in June. Please inform us in advance if your table is having the Oyster Extravaganza or regular A la Carte menu.

By booking or participating in the Oyster Extravaganza experience at TOKYOLIMA , each guest is fully aware and assumes all potential risks associated with the free flow consumption of oysters, including eventual matters of health and safety associated thereof (e.g. allergies, indigestion…). By enjoying the free flow experience, all the guests(s) agree and understand that the Restaurant, its officers, representatives, employees, assigns shall not be held liable, and the guest(s) hereby release, waive and discharge their liability for any injuries, including all risks for personal injury, illness, disease, death, and/or property damage, or claims of every nature whatsoever which the guest(s) may have, in connection with or traceable to any food provided by the Restaurant during the free flow oyster experience at TOKYOLIMA. The guest(s) further agree not to seek any contribution from the Restaurant, its officers, employees, and agents for loss or damage under any circumstances.


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