The Team

The team at TokyoLima is peerless, having held positions in kitchens, bars and hospitality all over the world for many years. The team comes together at TokyoLima to bring guests the ultimate dining experience. Expect great food, great drinks and exceptional service.

Arturo Melendez

Peruvian Culinary Director

Hailing from Peru, Chef Arturo’s love of cooking began early when he spent his days with his Grandmother helping her around the kitchen. With a passion for the complexities and multiculturalism of Peruvian cuisine, Arturo was eager to bring the country’s unique recipes, flavours and culture to the world.

His travels have brought Arturo to South Africa, Hong Hong, Singapore and finally back to Hong Kong where he has helmed the kitchen at TokyoLima since March 2017. In 2019, he was made Peruvian Culinary Director at Pirata Group and has since implemented a new dynamic menu at Chifa. Arturo respects the traditional techniques and history behind each recipe, adding his own personal flair for food that is unforgettable.

Stephan Joubert

Executive Chef

With more than ten years of experience working in international kitchens, Stephan created and re-interpreted exciting dishes inspired by his travels from his native South Africa, to the United States, South America and now Hong Kong.

Fascinated with creating exotic, delicious food from an early age, Stephan indulged in his culinary passions and received his diploma in Professional Cookery from the H.T.A School of Culinary Arts in Johannesburg, South Africa. After two years of working in Johannesburg, he moved to Naples, Florida to work at the Ritz Carlton, gaining international experience and expanding his knowledge of global cuisines.

In 2011, Stephan moved to Cusco, Peru to explore his love of South American gastronomy. There, he learned to master Peruvian culinary techniques. His love of Peruvian food combined with his love for international travel and experiences has brought Stephan to Hong Kong as the Executive Chef of the Nikkei-cuisine restaurant, TokyoLima.

Stephan’s unique approach is evident in each dish he creates; singular, engaging to the eye and tantalising to the taste buds.

Modi Gurung

Restaurant Manager

With his infectious personality, TokyoLima’s Restaurant Manager Pramod “Modi” Gurang, knows how to welcome diners, ensuring they have a pleasant and memorable dining experience.

Modi has always been passionate about the F&B industry. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, his strengths rest in relationship building between the guest and the staff as well as talent development.

At TokyoLima, Modi is responsible for floor operations, staff training and strategic planning. He believes a strong team spirit is key to ensuring guests are happy and satisfied.

Prior to joining the Pirata Group family, Modi worked as Assistant Manager for VEA and The Envoy. Apart from his business acumen, Modi has in-depth knowledge of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails. Guests are always welcome to chat with Modi at TokyoLima while enjoying a signature cocktail.

Allison Acuna

Bar Manager

Hailing from the sunny Philippines, Allison brings an air of vivacity and dynamism to the TokyoLima team. After working her way up the ranks of the bar scene, with prior experience at Alfie’s in the Landmark Hong Kong, Allison helms the bar at TokyoLima as a seasoned veteran of Hong Kong nightlife.

Creating a culture of experimentation is Allison’s goal for TokyoLima’s bar; she is dedicated to exploring new techniques and discovering fresh flavours using a variety of ingredients. Allison’s passion for artistry shines through in her mixology – her favourite cocktail, the Pisco Flower, is a complex combination of Pisco, peach and elderflower liqueur and ginger ale garnished with lemon and edible flowers.

Under her enthusiastic management, Allison is intent on bringing good vibes to TokyoLima’s lively atmosphere. With her love for meeting new people, Allison is sure to provide a unique and exciting bar experience for all those who visit TokyoLima.


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