Seven Deadly Sins

Introducing our electrifying new party series at Tokyolima, ‘7 Deadly Sins’! Get ready to indulge in a sinful journey through the seven vices, each party promising a unique and unforgettable experience, full of dining, drinking, live dance performers and more, much more!


Oct 26-27-28

Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? It’s all about self-love and being the centre of attention in your glamorous purple attire. Our dazzling dancers and a royal DJ will make you feel like a diva. You deserve it all!

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Nov 2-3-4

“Smell rich, feel opulent!” Immerse yourself in a world of gold and glam, where guests dress as divine gods and goddesses. Be prepared for a night of extravagance and indulgence as Gilded Angel dancers and a DJ Gold Goddess will elevate your experience.

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Nov 9-10-11

“Indulge your deepest desires!” Explore your passions and cravings in shades of passionate red and magenta. Sultry dancers and heart-pumping music will make this night an unforgettable tease.

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Nov 16-17-18

Flaunt your fabulousity and become the most beautiful envy of the night, making everyone green with jealousy. Watch as performers engage in a “beauty fight” while a mesmerizing DJ keeps the envy brewing

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Nov 23-24-25

“Hungry for pleasure, experiences, and moments!” Dive into a night of indulgence with oversized, decadent treats as dancers inspired by Moulin Rouge perform. An experience to satisfy all your cravings.

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Nov 30 / Dec 1-2

“Conquer all with your wrath!” Embrace your inner warrior in shades of red and vermillion with fiery performances and a red dragon queen DJ that will ignite the night.

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Dec 7-8-9

Relax and take it easy while maintaining your natural beauty; don’t despair; you’re still the Queen or King of the night. Live performers and a soothing DJ will set a tranquil yet chic atmosphere.

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