Our Team

Executive Chef

– Arturo Melendez –

Hailing from the town of Trujillo in the north of Peru, Chef Arturo has had a love for cooking from a young age. From aged five he could always be found in the kitchen – the heart of the action in any Peruvian home. He would spend his days with his Grandmother, helping her pick coriander or basil leaves and watching her as she ground fresh aji amarillo Peruvian chillis into a traditional paste with a flat stone mortar.

Fascinated with the art of cooking, Arturo began exploring further, self-teaching the basics under his Grandmother’s close eye. At the age of 18 Arturo enrolled at D’Gallia, Lima’s renowned culinary school, to learn the foundations and techniques needed to become a serious chef.

With a passion for the complexities and multiculturalism of Peruvian cuisine, Arturo was eager to bring the country’s unique recipes, flavours and culture to the rest of the world. He packed his bags and left Peru for South Africa, where he opened the countries first Peruvian restaurant. Enriched by bringing his love for his cuisine to new audiences, he carried the message of soulful cooking to Hong Kong where he helped to launch the city’s first restaurant of its kind: Chicha.

At TokyoLima, Arturo brings his own interpretation of Nikkei in a causal way. He respects the traditional techniques and history behind each recipe, adding his own personal flair for food that is approachable and utterly delicious.

General Manager

– Luis Diez – 

Drawn to the hospitality industry at the age of 16, Luis was captured by a love for meeting people, building relationships and seeing the many happy faces of his customers. After working in the busy restaurants and tops bars of Madrid, Ibiza and London, he looked for new opportunities and challenges to learn and grow further afield which eventually brought him to Hong Kong.

At home in TokyoLima’s inviting and approachable environment, Luis brings his lively energy, enthusiasm and humour to the team, ensuring everyone that enters feels relaxed and welcome.




– Manuel Palacio and Christian Talpo – 

ToykoLima is the third restaurant opened by restaurateurs Manuel Palacio and Christian Talpo of Pirata Group, the creative brains behind Hong Kong’s Pirata and The Optimist.  

With over 40 years’ combined experience in the industry across the world’s top gastronomic cities and an insatiable love for food in all forms, the pair is driven by their passion to bring amazing food and dining experiences to Hong Kong. With considered, standalone concepts ranging from homely Italian to Spanish-style asador grill and Izakaya-inspired Nikkei to fresh hand-made pasta, each restaurant is brought to life by Christian and Manuel’s unique vision and infectious energy. For them, Pirata Group’s mission is simple: to deliver top quality food, great service and value for money to Hong Kong diners.